This website was created by Tom Elwertowski of Brookline to combine info from the Brookline Assessor's Office and the Massachusetts Historical Commission MACRIS databases.

New capabilities from this combination include:

  • View info for multiple buildings on one screen.
  • Allow more complex searches.
  • View documentation (if available) for each MACRIS item.

Historical information was obtained from the Massachusetts Cultural Resource Information System (MACRIS) in January 2016. Click the link to directly query the current MACRIS database.

Assessment information was obtained from the Brookline Assessor's Office annual Property Assessment spreadsheets for FY2002 through FY2023. In cases where the Assessors date built differs from the MACRIS date built, the latter is used.

Photos were obtained from the Assessors Database in December 2013.

Property boundaries for maps were obtained from Brookline Maps & Apps Open Data Parcels in December 2021.

Known deficiencies:

  • Secondary structures are sometimes prior structures which have been demolished.
  • Map boundaries may differ from assessment info by up to a year. Consequently about 0.5% of the boundaries do not match due to new construction, reconstruction or condo conversion and are not displayed.